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Superboy Theater was a fan site from 2010 till its domain registration was not renewed.
With the whole hearted endorsement of his co workers who work coding custom software for by, the new owner, also a fan, has decided to keep the site as it looked circa 2011. The owner likes to believe that SuperBoy would have appreciated the "magic" of today's custom software developers, who can with lines of letters, symbols, and numbers develop snazzy programs that include fancy analytics and business intelligence data that fulfill a specific request or task making a company's business operations run more smoothly and efficiently. Pretty cool. Or consider all those great video games that are available due to the brilliance of software developers.
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The original site was a testament not only to Superboy, but also the dedication and hard work of the original owner.



Welcome to Superboy Theater: Home of Superboy the TV Series since 2001.


January 7th: Read Ilya Salkind's original vision for Superman III - and discover that a lot of it feels like Superboy, the TV Series!Just recently the webmaster has gotten her hands on this outline, and after reading it -- much of it sounds like either Supergirl: The Movie or a precusor to Superboy, the TV Series.

January 5th: Stacy Haiduk appeared on TNT's Southland tonight, and with red hair! She also had mentioned to me personally that she used one of the Lana Lang wigs from her days on Superboy for the audition (they wanted someone with red hair for the part). Seeing her with the classic Lana Lang red hair was quite a treat...she looked just like Lana Lang just better than ever 20 years later. The ending of her premiere on the show indicates that she may return. 

January 2nd: A clip from the documentary On the Pool Patio with Ilya Salkind which is directed by the webmaster of Superboy Theater is now up on youtube. This is but a glimpse of what to expect.The film is still being edited.

December 29th: A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JOHN HAYMES NEWTON who is 45 years old today. John was Superboy during season one of the Superboy TV Series. Superboy Theater wishes him a great B-Day with many more to come!

December 21st: Superboy Theater has recently put up Gerard Christopher's Clark Kent screen test for Superboy, the TV Series. The replacement test forJohn Haymes Newtonwas done in 1989. You can view it on Superboy Theater's youtube channel.

December 4th: Calling all fans of Superboy the TV Series...Tracy Roberts, aka Darla, is askingthe fans to contact CBS and let them know thatyou want to see her on Survivor! She just recently auditioned last Friday.

December 2nd: TJ White now has his own page on the site! 

December 1st: Tracy Roberts (Tracy Lewis)who played Darla on Superboy the TV series is auditioning for a major television network series thateveryone has heard of before...Survivor! Wouldn't itbe great to see her on the show, the audition is this Friday from 12 - 4 pm.

November 27th: If you like the SUPERBOY THEATER SHOW then you will love Superboy Theater's next project...a feature length documentary and interview with Ilya Salkind, the Creative and Executive Producer of the Superboy TV Series. In this doc, Ilya discusses the origins of the Superboy series and goes into great detail about his Superman movies. He also talks about SUPERMAN REBORN.  More news coming soon.

November 22nd: The webmaster of Superboy Theater put together an imaginary poster for a movie called SUPERBOY: THE MOVIE.It stars a Superboy star! It can be saved directly from the website in high resolution and blown up to a real poster. Also, part 2 of THE SUPERBOY THEATER SHOW is now up on youtube and also on the website (in the videos section). 

November 20th: The Superboy Theater show episode 2 is up and can be viewed on the site's youtube channel here. The webmaster of Superboy Theater just recentlytook a trip to Ilya Salkind's office and interviewed Ilya Salkind as an on-camera interview. It will be up shortly.

Oct. 30th: The Flashback blogspot pays a quick tribute to the Superboy TV Series. Check it out and leave a comment about how great the show really was!

Oct. 26th: Gerard Christopher writes a letter on behalf of his Brother Joe who is a die hard fan of a classical character.  And thanks Ginger, for your terrific research ability.

Oct. 22nd: Gerard Christopher is mentioned in a Moviehole article about the new Superman movie. 

Oct. 21st: Ever wonder where those locations in Smallville take place? You can find out at this website, all about Smallville locations in Canada.

Oct. 17th: Ilya Salkind invites fans to join him on Facebook. Be sure to request a friend add from him during your next visit ...and then relax, sit back and enjoy a chat with the Creative and Executive Producer of Superboy the TV Series (and Superman I, II, III, and Supergirl)!

Oct. 4th: The site settings for the Superboy Theater website address have been officially changed to and will be in effect within 48 to 72 hours. Don't get lost during your next visit to Superboy Theater, make changes to your links and favorites!





The Superboy TV series was a half-hour syndicated television series that debuted on October 8th, 1988, and after four seasons, finished on May 17, 1992. A total of 100 episodes were accumulated. It was produced by the same producers of the first three Superman movies starring Christopher Reeve as Superman. The Salkinds also produced the Supergirl movie (1984). The series was distributed by Viacom. The producers are famously known as Alexander and Ilya Salkind. The series depicted Superman in his early years as ClarkKent/ Superboy while he was attending college (at Shuster University) with his childhood friend Lana Lang. The show was shot in Florida, USA, at Disney/MGM Studios for the first season, but for the second season (and on-going) was shot at what was the brand new Universal Studios lot in Orlando, Florida (USA). The show was also shot on campus at the University of Central Florida and in surrounding areas when the locations were needed.

There were two Superboys who played the role of Clark Kent / Superboy during its' television heyday: John Haymes Newton and Gerard Christopher. John Haymes Newton starred in the first season and did 26 episodes. He practiced Tai Chi to prepare himself for flying techniques on Superboy and played Clark as an oridinary young 19 year old, an originaltake on the Clark Kent character.He also used his knowledge of martial arts to fightan alien in the episode The Alien Solution. John and co-star Stacy Haiduk (Lana Lang) dated during the first season which may have caused tension on the set. Ilya Salkind who had been concerned over the ratings of the show decided to give the cast a complete make-over and replaced John Haymes Newton, Scott Wells as Lex Luthorand Perry White's son, TJ White, who was played by Jim Calvert. After playing Superboy, John moved on to work on a number of major motion pictures including Cool as Ice (with Vanilla Ice) and the critically acclaimed Alive. Today, John has a loyal Superboy fanbase and some fans proclaim they liked him better than the later Christopher.

Gerard Christopher starred in the last three seasons and is the one who is most remembered and loved for the role. Hewas in a total of76 episodes. Gerard Christopher had starred in the early 1980's teen movie called Tomboy with Besty Russell who later appeared in a second season episode called Superboy...Rest in Peace as an android.Betsy Russell went on to star in the mutually successful horror franchise Saw. Gerard played Clark Kent as nerdy, wonderfully in-tune with Christopher Reeves's portrayal in the movies. He was very entertaining, and Stacy Haiduk who played Lana Lang in all four seasons professed to me during a  lunch outing one day that watching him play Clark used to make her die laughing.

Gerardloosened up on the nerdiness by the third season which, ironically,mirrored John Haymes Newton's original portrayal of the character. The nerdy portrayal was missed butmaybeClark was growing up afterall.Gerard's Superboy costume was also completely

in-tune with John Bryne's current DC comic book design of that time.

Lana Lang was played by the attractive and red-headed Stacy Haiduk. She was in all four seasons as Clark's best friend and romanic interest. The chemistry between Superboy and Lana appeared to deepen by the second season as Lana would talk more and more about being in love with Superboy. By the third season, she was madly in love with Superboy. One of Stacy Haiduk's most remembered performances was in the episode Neila where she pled with Superboy in utter tears to go with Neila and marryNeila in orderto save the people of Capital City. Neila was threatening Superboy to marry her or elseinnocent people would suffer.You have to, pled Lana,but I'll make it easy. In that moment, Lana threw herself over a ledge in turmoil but Superboy flew down to save her, like he always did.

Lex Luthor was played by both Scott Wells (season one) and Sherman Howard (or sometimes credited as Howard Sherman) for the remaining three seasons. Sherman Howard gave a very Joker-like performance and is the one who is most remembered for the part o fLex Luthor on the series. Fans often compare him to Gene Hackman; and some say Sherman Howard is the best Lex Luthor of any Superman/Boy movie or TV series. He often built Lex Luthor robots, exact replicas of himself in order to fool Superboy (depicted below). Tracy Roberts (now Tracy Lewis) played Darla, Lex Luthor's girlfriend and romantic interest on the show. Many point out that Darla was very much in-tune with the Harley Quinn character of Batman nostalgia. Harley Quinn is Batman's girlfriend in Batman the animated series and DC comic books. She's his partner in crime filled with twisted and mad love, very much like Darla and Lex Luthorof the Superboy series. Darla disappeared from Luthor's life after the two-parter episode Know Thine Enemy. Fans believe that she may havefinally got fed up with Lex.

In addition, the series had a round-up of iconic guest-stars likeJoaquin Pheonix, George Lazenby, Michael J. Pollard, even to iconic comic book writers such as Mike Carlin and Cary Bates. Even the creator of Superman himself, Jerry Seigel, took a stab at writing for the series. Kevin Kiner, the music composer of such notable series as 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars', composed the music for all four seasons of the Superboy TV series (which was very synth-like). Every character had their theme music on the Superboy TV series. Ian Mitchell-Smith who had been an early 1980's teen star for his role in the major motion picture Weird Science became a co-star for the second season as Clark's roommate, Andy McAllister. Andy was the comic relief of the show and though he relentlessly tried to date Lana,he settled for her friendship by the end of the second season. Andy also appeared in a cameo for season three in the episode Special Effects.

By season three, the show changed the name from 'Superboy' to 'The Adventures of Superboy' where the show began to look more like the movie the 'Dark Knight' and have a classic film noir feel to it. Gerard Christopher loosened up on his Clark Kent protrayal from a nerdy Clark to a more in-control Clark (but still with some nerdiness). Superboy also got tougher, breaking through walls was his favorite past-time. The show's major set scene of the college dormitory moved to the Bureau of Extra-Normal Matters (which became a permanent set) where both Clark and Lana worked as interns, investigating paranormal activity very much resembling Mulder and Scully from the 'X-Files' TV series (yet it mus tbe noted, Superboy aired before the X-Files did).

Interestingly enough, each season had its own unique feel and development. Most agree that the series made dramatic improvement by the second season and far surpassed its' expectations by the third season. The demise of the series was due to a legal debacle(lien) that was filed by Warner Brothers in 1992. WB claimed they owned the rights to the Superboy character (and franchise). WB wanted to make a SupermanTV series under their studio name.However, the Salkinds proclaimed they still owned Superboy. WB didn't want Superboy airing at the same time as Lois and Clark, so DC Comics made it difficult for the Superboy series to get script approvals. Salkind filed a lawsuit against DC comics in 1993. This more or less killed what both Viacom and the Salkinds planned to do with the show. Viacom planned Superboy telemovies and even promised the fans they would get telemovies all the while Lois and Clark was on the air. But according to Gerard Christopher, this, WB did not want; itwould have been confusing. Ilya Salkind wanted to do a season 5 and 6 and confirmed this at Wizard Con in Anaheim, and Viacom was right behind the Salkinds ready to distribute. Viacom and the Salkinds eventually agreed that the Superboy series would end with Season 4.

The Salkinds were developing Superman V while the Superboy series was still in production. It was also called Superman: The New Moviewith either Christopher Reeve (who was their first choice) or Gerard Christopher as Superman in the role. Christopher Reeve was the Salkind's first choice. Even Ilya Salkind stated this himself during a panel at the 2010 Wizard Con convention. If Christopher Reeve could not fill into the red boots as Superman (as he was reluctant to do so), then Gerard Christopher would have been their man. In fact,Ilya Salkind once said regarding Gerard Christopher, He was the only one that I didn't have to pull his leg to play the part. The Salkindsonce believed that the rights to the Superman character and the Superboy characters were separate; even the courts once believed this. But according to the book Hollywood vs. Superman by Jake Rossen, the ruling was reversed and Superboy was WB's character once again. The battle over the rights to Superman still rages on in the courts today with the heirs of Jerry Siegel.

Because the Salkinds stopped getting approvals from DC to make further episodes, the Superboy series was pretty much dead in the water after season 4. The series ended with Rites of Passage Part 1 and 2 which paved the way for Superboy to become Superman.DC was being influenced by Warners and they were ready to do another Superman movie. One would expect that naturally Gerard Christopher should fill the boots of Superman. Fans of the Superboy series were not happy with Warner Brothers' jaded approach to recasting their new Superman. One would expect actors of the Superboy series to hold a grudge. Not Gerard Christopher. He told the webmaster regarding Lois and Clark, I would have actually watched 'Lois and Clark'if I had liked the show.Unlike the Superboy series, the ratings dwindled by the forth season. The apparent success that the Superboy TV Series had proven -that the character on television could be successful once again after George Reeves was a stepping-stone for both Lois and Clark and Smallville didn't prove the same for the end of Lois and Clark.The Superboy series was an unfortunate ending for a well-made series. Ilya Salkind professed in an interview in the book Age of TV Heroes by Jason Hofius and George Khoury that the success of the Superboy series was eventually its downfall.

Shortly after season 4 of The Adventures of Superboy ended, in September of 1993 Lois and Clark the television series was produced and aired, starring Dean Cain. Gerard Christopher auditioned for the role of Superman in Lois and Clark, and was casted. What had happened, according to Christopher, was that they were very enthusiastic about finding him; one of the producers was ecstatic, stood up and went crazy over finding him. He stated out loud, We found him! Then he looked at Gerard's headshot and asked, Who are you? That's when the producers discovered that Gerard had played Superboy in the TV series and suddenly, Gerard went from being their guy to being only Superboy. The Lois and Clark producer stated You've done this before and then quietly dismissed him from the room. Warner Brothers spent over $50 million dollars in development for a new Superman movie while in search of a new Superman. One has to wonder if Warner Brothers made a $50 million dollar mistake in passing off Gerard Christopher for the role, an actor who had already been well-established in the part.

Three parties have a hand to the rights of the Superboy TV series: Viacom, Ilya Salkind and Warner Brothers.The rights to season one reverted to Warner Brothers in 2006 for a one-year and half contract (to release the season one DVD set). WB has released season one onto DVD, but has been reticent about releasing seasons two, three and four, and this isnot necessarily because of the legal battle over who owns the rights to Superboy (Siegel vs. Warner Brothers). It is also because all three parties have to make an agreement for distribution: WB, Ilya Salkind and Viacom. In a recent interview with Ilya Salkind at Superman Celebration 2010, he stated that Viacom would probably agree; it is all up to Warner Brothers.WB claimed the season one DVD set didn't do too well in sales. So money and profii is also a factor.The production of a Superboy DVD set (or Blu-Ray set)could be, or would be,costly to make.

An unfortunate ending for a well-made series; but the fans are currently holding a campaign to get thelater seasons released onto DVD. The Superboy show was shot on 35mm film and recorded in stereo, but the original 35mm prints were destroyed by Paramount (Viacom). Stacy Haiduk told the webmaster that everything was dumped to tape, so it exists. Future DVD sets would have to be made from Ilya Salkind's BetaSP and VHS masters. Stacy Haiduk owns VHS masters of every season, and Gerard Christopher owns VHS masters of seasons 2, 3 and 4. Douglas Barry Meyers owns his episodes on large format tape (BetacamSP), which is better quality than the VHS masters owned by Christopher. Others involved with the series, either actors or those who worked on the set of the show own large format or VHScopies as well. WB has every season of the Superboy series in their vaults according to Ilya Salkind who handed everything over to them to archive(not the original destroyed 35mm prints). More than likely, hi-res archival copies were made by Warner brothers of Ilya's masters as WB gave everything back to him right before the release of Superman Returns. For more information on the show, the campaign and on the Superboy episodes that aired, explore this website and click on the episode guides posted on the sidebar.Scroll down and check out the Superboy Epi-logue which can be viewed in it's entirety on this website. In the episode guides(access them on the side bar) you can view many trailers of the series.

Gerard Christopher in a Viacom promotional photo.


Superboy: The TV Series - Production Awards and Nominations

Rocketed from a distant planet to a new bold destiny on Earth, Superboy: The TV Series acquired numerous television nominations for awards during its' TV run.

1989 - Nominated Best young actress guest starring in a drama or comedy series: Heather Haase.

1990 - Nominated Best Off-Primetime family series.

1991 - Nominated Best Off-Primetime family series.


Purchase Superboy the TV Series, the complete season one, on DVD.

As of 2006, Warner Home Video now has the distribution rights to season one of the Superboy TVseries with all three in agreement: Ilya Salkind, Viacom and Warner Brothers. In order for the next three seasons to be released to DVD or Blu-Ray, all three parties have to be in agreement with the distribution by WB upon contract. So don't wait any longer-- purchase Superboy the TV Series, the complete first season on DVD at The retail price is between $35.00 to $11.00 (used). TheDVD set includes:

* 26 episodes on 4 discs.

*Audio commentary by John Haymes Newton and Executive Producer Ilya Salkind on two episodes.

*Superboy: Getting off the Ground - a making-of featurette with cast and creators.

*John Haymes Newton screentest.

*Excerpts from the documentary Look, Up in the Sky: The Amazing Story of Superman.

There are two versions of the Superboy TV Pilot. Only the first version appears on this DVD set released by Warner Brothers. To learn more about the second version of the Superboy TV Pilot.

Below: The Webmaster's signed Season One DVD Box set; autographed by Ilya Salkind and Stacy Haiduk.



Visit the CWTV website for information on all the latest Smallville new

Smallville News Flash: Season 10 will be the final season of Smallville according to CW at this year's upfronts. The premiere of first episode of the last season will be on Sept. 24th. Allison Mack has also announced that she will only be returning as a guest star on a few episodesduring season 10. Read more about it. Laura Vandervoortwill be returning for her role as Supergirl to tie-up the character storyline on the show. It is also rumored that John Schneider is returning for season 10 (perhaps as a ghost?). You can read about it here. Smallville Season 9 is avaliable for order on either DVD ($38.99) or Blu-Ray($48.99/$54.99) at Best Buy released an exclusive offer that includes a Blur T-Shirt, so make sure to pick that up before they are all gone! You can download episodes from season 9 in HD quality on for $2.99 per episode.

SEASON 10 PROMOS -The season10 promos, watch them below!

View the trailer for the season finale episode of Smallville:Salvation, in slow-motion justbelow so that you can view all the stunning details:

The Superman suit appears on SMALLVILLE, Season 10!

Supergirl aka Kara appears on season 10 of Smallville in a Linda Lee disguise! And that's not all - she is also the first to wear the classic super-costume.

Supergirl clip and promo from season 10 of Smallville below:

Tom Welling is starting to wear the Clark Kent glases in the episode Homecoming during season 10!

A new look for Superman?No longer does Clark wear the black trench coat, but aredish leather jacket with an S-Shield.You can actuallypurchasea replicaof the jacket from the actual makers of this peice of wardrobe (it costs a high $2,500!). 


Season 1 Season 2 Season 3Season 4 Season 5Season 6DVD/Blu-Ray


Season 7 DVD/Blu-Ray Season 8DVD/Blu-RaySeason 9DVD/ Blu-Ray Season 10 (coming soon!)

Visit the Smallville webstore to purchase Smallville on DVD/Blu-Ray.


Superboy Epi-log #22

Read this fantastic Superboy Epi-log magazine issue #22. The Television Magazine of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Comedy, Drama, and Adventure,released in September of 1992. Inside is a complete episode guide of the Superboy TV Series which contains storyline and plot details, information on guest-stars and more! Read it here, at Superboy Theater! To check out the autographed cover of the Epilogue by both Gerard Christopher and Stacy Haiudk.



Superboy Theater 3D

View videos andphotos from the Superboy TV Series in 3D, here, at Superboy Theater!  Any inexpensive, ordinary Red/Cyan anaglyph3D glasses will work.


Ilya Salkind and The Ilya Salkind Company

Ilya Salkind, the Creative and Exective Producer of the Superboy TV Series has his own company. Find out more information on Ilya and about thenew projects he is working on at the link provided below. Also, feel free to request a friend add with Ilya on Facebook. He is friendly and loves the fans and would like to chat with everyone. Go to his Facebook address.

The Ilya Salkind Company

In the abovephoto is Ilya Salkind (left) and John Haymes Newton (right) who played Superboy from 1988-1989.